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December 27, 2005 – A journey to Arequipa, Peru in South America

A Not So Very Peaceful Monastery

Back in Arequipa, Rick and I had a full day to rest before heading off to Cusco. We welcomed the rest. After we were both done resting, as you can only rest so much, decided to go visit the LP South America acclaimed Monasterio de Santa Catalina.

Monasterio de Santa Catalina used to be the living quarters of a bunch of hedonistic nuns for three generations, until a strict nun came in to straighten things out. These hedonistic nuns were handpicked from the most richest Spanish families around. So, they lived it up as they did before at the monastery.

After we paid and got in, we went exploring. Rick and I probably went through every single room, nook and cranny in that eerie monastery. Rick opened boxes, doors, secret removable blocks in the floor, and other unlocked stuff that probably weren't supposed to be fuddled with. Sometimes that boy just can't leave things alone.

lookie here, a bunch of cute cuy hidden behind an unlocked closed door

I found one of the inscriptions in the monastery quite amusing. It stated that the monastery is a peaceful place. Not really when you see self-inflicting torture instruments being showcased in a glass window in one of the rooms.

and definitely not when you see some type of mist or fog in this photo, when there wasn't any to begin with in the first place in the whole town of Arequipa

same photo but taken with flash

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