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February 14, 2006 – A journey to Montevideo, Uruguay in South America


I´m too sure on what to say about the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo. We arrived on a Sunday and mostly everything (like mostly everywhere else in South America) was closed. Sadly, saw a few street kids running about and begging for monedas.

stayed at Hotel Solis and you can see Teatro Solis, the main theatre in Montevideo, from the balcony

art exhibitions on the main pedestrian street

walking by the wharf

Tio Chef, the only authentic China-Chinese restaurant in South America that we found (there´s no typical/local Uruguayian food that we can find, otherwise we´d try it of course - they seem to eat a lot of steaks, pasta, hamburgers, and pizzas)

a beach in a surburban town (Portones?) outside of Montevideo

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