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A Hot Desert Trek
More heat! We went on a desert trek with a Bedouin family in the Sinai Desert. The first day's destination was to the Bedouin family's oasis home. We passed gorgeous and varied desert landsc... more
Posted by SUEP in Africa – Sinai Desert, Egypt – July 23, 2006

A Powerful Message at the Top
Been feeling rather dull lately in the spiritual department. Was hoping to get spiritual, especially since the area I'm traveling in is considered as part of the Holy Land. Though day by day I&ac... more
Posted by SUEP in Africa – Mount Sinai, Egypt – July 21, 2006

Dahab, a Desert Town by a Beautiful Living Sea
Luckily, the ferry from Hurghada made it over to Sharm El-Sheikh without turning around from choppy waters (a very high percentage for not making it over exists). Got on a bus headed for Dahab after t... more
Posted by SUEP in Africa – Dahab, Egypt – July 20, 2006

Hurghada, A Gateway To The Red Sea
We overnighted in the seaside town of Hurghada, before taking the ferry over to Sharm El-Sheikh. Then we bussed to Dahab the next morning. Nothing much to do here – heard that a lot of the cor... more
Posted by SUEP in Africa – Hurghada, Egypt – July 18, 2006

Luxor, A Town Of Many Many Many Ancient Sites
Luxor turned out to be quite an interesting town dotted with ancient archaelogical sites. On the East Bank lies the touristy section, where it's pretty modernized. On the West Bank is where the l... more
Posted by SUEP in Africa – Luxor, Egypt – July 17, 2006

Felucca-ing Up the Nile
Rick was dreading this part of the trip (he didn't actually know what a felucca was at the time when we signed up), but I’m glad he actually went on the felucca with me. Of course, he had... more
Posted by SUEP in Africa – The Nile, Egypt – July 15, 2006

Aswan, In Nubian Country
We overnight-trained into the predominantly Nubian town of Aswan. Had my first physical contact with the famous Nile River that I've been reading about since I was a child. A bit tired from the f... more
Posted by SUEP in Africa – Aswan, Egypt – July 13, 2006

Cairo: In Africa And The Middle East At The Same Time
My good friend Andrea has landed in Egypt to join us for this part of the trip. Woot-woot!

I got accustomed to the different change of scenery of the Middle East via Dubai. Immersing myself into th... more
Posted by SUEP in Africa – Cairo, Egypt – July 10, 2006

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