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Days to Remember
Spent the last few days in Greece on the big island of Peloponnese, specifically in the Venetian-influenced town of Nafplio. Have never been to Italy's Naples, but heard that Napflio is quite sim... more
Posted by SUEP in Europe – Peloponnese, Greece – August 30, 2006

Island Hopping, Quickly
Originally was planning to go down to the Peloponnese first to visit some more ruins before spending the last few days on a couple of Greek islands. But the plan got switched around. The bus from Lito... more
Posted by SUEP in Europe – Saronic Gulf Islands, Greece – August 27, 2006

Home of the Gods
Landed at the base of Mt. Olympus in the little town of Litohoro. People come here to trek this 2917m (9570 feet) mountain. Just came for the view. Looking at the Home of the Gods was breathtaking eno... more
Posted by SUEP in Europe – Mount Olympus, Greece – August 25, 2006

Greek Food Galore
Thessaloniki, one word: delicious.

Of all the places I've been in Greece so far, I'd have to say that Thessaloniki serves up the best Greek cuisine. The second largest city in Greece is k... more
Posted by SUEP in Europe – Thessaloniki, Greece – August 24, 2006

A Bit of Wishful Thinking is Granted
Ended up back in the Greek Alps in the serene little mountain village of Metsovo. If you want to see another side of Greece, this is definitely a place to stop at - a great place for some R&R and ... more
Posted by SUEP in Europe – Metsovo, Greece – August 23, 2006

Crowded Cross-cultural Corfu
Made it to Corfu, Odysseus' last stop of his long voyage before he went home. Most of Corfu Town turned out to be really modern until you get to the Old Town part. Cheap accommodation was very ha... more
Posted by SUEP in Europe – Corfu, Greece – August 22, 2006

A Morning's (mis-)adventures Leading to Ioannina
Planned to go to the island of Corfu today. But, missed the morning bus to Ioannina (and also the transfer to Igoumenitsa from Ioannina) due to Rick's directions (proves the theory again about gu... more
Posted by SUEP in Europe – Meteora And Ioannina, Greece – August 21, 2006

Sunday Travel Greek Time
Sundays are not the best time to travel from the smaller towns of Greece (possibly Fridays too, since they seem to have the same schedule as Sundays). Many of the buses are discontinued or reduced. Bu... more
Posted by SUEP in Europe – Meteora, Greece – August 20, 2006

L'esprit de Delphi
Since the taxi drivers in Athens have a notorious reputation, Rick and I decided to try out the public bus system. Took Bus No. 24 to Terminal Bus B from the bus stop sandwiched between the front of t... more
Posted by SUEP in Europe – Delphi, Greece – August 19, 2006

A Rejuvenation
After getting off a too long of an overnight ferry ride (docked three hours later after the presumed arrival time – an almost 15 hours journey from Samos Island to Athens), Rick and I metroed ... more
Posted by SUEP in Europe – Athens, Greece – August 18, 2006

A Day Trip on a Greek Island
Early morning, said my goodbyes to Turkey and headed off on a fast ferry to the Greek island of Samos, where Zeus's wife, goddess Hera was born. Samos is known for being a beautiful green island,... more
Posted by SUEP in Europe – Samos, Greece – August 16, 2006

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