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Crazy Naked Man
We meandered over to another seaside town called Kusadasi from Selcuk. Quite touristy but still quite quaint, we decided to stay here a couple of days before departing for Greece. Because Rick wanted ... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Kusadasi, Turkey – August 15, 2006

The Granddaddy Of Ruins And One Of The Seven Ancient Wonders Of The World
We bussed into Selcuk in order to visit the nearby ancient ruins of Ephesus. You'd think I'd be ruin-ed out by now, but I'm actually not! I just find them fascinating (probably has to d... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Selcuk And Surrounds, Turkey – August 14, 2006

Naturally Calcified
Since Rick and I have made an attempt to visit every country's hot springs (if they have them of course), we decided to head to Pamukkale. Pamukkale, the land of Turkish therapeutic waters, also ... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Pamukkale, Turkey – August 13, 2006

A Bit More Relaxin' In A Small Seaside Town
Ancient ruins, great food at a decent price, not overly touristy, a laid-back feel, and by the sea describes the seaside town of Fethiye. Who could ask for anything more? Kicked back here for a few da... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Fethiye, Turkey – August 11, 2006

Cruising On The Turkish Mediterranean
What do you get when you put a bunch of people who can't really communicate with each other on one gulet? An amusingly surreal ride.

Since Rick and I discovered that July and August are the ab... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Turkish Mediterranean Coast, Turkey – August 9, 2006

Staying In A Hippie Commune
After a half-day bus ride, we got dropped off at a random roadside restaurant on top of a mountain. We then took a shuttle down the mountain into what looked like a small commune nested within a fores... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Olympos, Turkey – August 5, 2006

An Underground City And A Hometown-reminding Hike
The next day, we took a trip to see the Underground City. Housing underground proved to be much cooler than the temperature outside, which we welcomed as it was just too hot. The temperature nicely st... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Cappadocia And Surrounds, Turkey – August 4, 2006

Shroomed and Smurfed
Cappadocia, which is pretty much in the center of Turkey, is not just one city like I previously thought. It’s a collection of towns with quirky landscapes. Landed in the town of Goreme from a... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Cappadocia And Surrounds, Turkey – August 3, 2006

Istanbul, Constantinople
The next morning, started off on a full day of exploring Istanbul. The city surrounds what looks like two bodies of water – the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorous Strait. Many sections of the t... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Istanbul, Turkey – August 1, 2006

Ready To Go Explorin'
After three tries (twice in the morning, the last time after lunch), and because the third time is always the charm, we got overnight bus tickets to Cappadocia. After the ticket ordeal, we made our la... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Istanbul, Turkey – August 1, 2006

Hightailing It Out And The Interrogation
After a fitful night of sleep, the four of us hightailed it to the Tel Aviv airport. We all changed our flights. Andrea, Rick, and I were able to get a flight out to Istanbul that afternoon, while Jon... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Jerusalem, Israel – July 31, 2006

Turkish Hospitality
After landing in Istanbul, felt a huge sigh of relief from the past few days of commotion. Rick and I got our Turkish visas and backpacks and then set off for good ol' public transportation, the ... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Istanbul, Turkey – July 31, 2006

What a Turn of Events
On the fourth day in Israel, specifically, Old Jerusalem, journeyed into Bethlehem mainly to see the town and the birthplace of Christ. Plus, who wouldn't want to say he/she has been to Bethlehem... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – West Bank, Palestinian Territories – July 30, 2006

Holy Refuge
Flew into Tel Aviv airport not knowing what to expect from this country either. Again, have been warned many times about avoiding travel in Israel, especially at the time when we’re going. But... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Jerusalem, Israel – July 29, 2006

An Ancient City and a Modern One
After a short overnight rest in Wadi Musa, got up bright and early to see Petra. Petra is an amazing rose-pink-colored city that was built by Arab traders, the Nabataeans. The city is hidden from view... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Petra And Surrounds, Jordan – July 26, 2006

Crossing Jordan
Had no idea what to expect from the country Jordan after flying into the Amman airport from Cairo. The main thing I had heard about this country was how dangerous it is (synonymous to Syria and the re... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Madaba And Surrounds, Jordan – July 25, 2006

Welcome to the Middle East!
Ahh, Dubai. The picture in my mind of the city is exactly not what I had imagined. To put it shortly, Dubai seems to be a city full of tall, expensive shiny buildings in the middle of a too hot and to... more
Posted by SUEP in Middle East – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – July 8, 2006

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