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A Few Tips In Traveling South America
- Internet cafes exist in every city/town I've been to in South America and are relatively cheap. This was a change, coming from the Far East/East Asia, where I found that they were hard to find.... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – General Tips, Brazil – March 1, 2006

Rio De Janeiro, A Beautiful, Diverse City
One thing I love about Brazil, and you can really see it in Rio de Janeiro, is the diversity of the people. You see people of all colors, ethnicities, and backgrounds here, and they all seem to get al... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – February 27, 2006

Winging It In Rio De Janeiro During Carnaval
Rick and I had one more day in Rio de Janeiro without any reservations of any kind before heading back home to take care of our taxes (yay). The main reason for staying a day later is that I wanted to... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – February 27, 2006

Getting Away From It All
If you really want to get away from it all, namely the big cities, then Ilha Grande is the place to go. Ilha Grande, an island off the southeastern coast of Brazil, is an hour and a half ferry ride pl... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Ilha Grande, Brazil – February 24, 2006

Parati in two words: LOVE IT.

I would love to stay here for a very long while. Can't get enough of this beach paradise. But Rick and I are planning to head to Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval in a ... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Parati, Brazil – February 20, 2006

Sao Paulo
I've always wanted to see what Saõ Paulo was like. I'm glad I got to stop by and walk around the city center for a bit before continuing onto Parati.

Rick and I came into S... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Sao Paulo, Brazil – February 19, 2006

Foz Do Iguacu, Beautiful Falls But Too Many Tourist Traps Here
Crossed into Brazil from Salto, Uruguay and landed into the town of Foz do Iguaçu. Mainly here to see Iguassu Falls from both the Argentinean side and the Brazilian side.

Entering the... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil – February 18, 2006

Too Hot For Hot Springs
Stopped into the town of Salto from Montevideo for an overnight, on the way to Iguassu Falls. There are thermal baths nearby, but Rick and I didn't go to any of them. Too damn hot here!

Posted by SUEP in South America – Salto, Uruguay – February 15, 2006

I´m too sure on what to say about the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo. We arrived on a Sunday and mostly everything (like mostly everywhere else in South America) was closed. Sadly, saw a ... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Montevideo, Uruguay – February 14, 2006

A Quiet Stay
Took the ferry from Buenos Aires over to a Portuguese-influenced little port town called Colonia del Sacramento in the country of Uruguay. Not much to do around here besides riding a moped around the ... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay – February 11, 2006

Full of Life
Buenos Aires is one awesome city! Situated next to a mouth of a muddy-brown river that opens to the ocean, B.A. not only has a fabulous nightlife but is a shopper's paradise. Where else can you b... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Buenos Aires, Argentina – February 10, 2006

Bariloche, A Touristy Mountain-Lake Town
Arrived in Bariloche, expecting it to be even better than San Martin de Los Andes. Bariloche, another Swiss-like mountain and lake resort town, was nice but I really didn't feel that it was bette... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Bariloche, Argentina – February 5, 2006

Feels Like Home
Crossed the border from Chile into another small mountain lake resort area in upper Patagonia, Argentina. San Martin de Los Andes is a bit bigger than Pucon, and felt a whole lot more like home. The t... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina – February 2, 2006

A Mountain Retreat
Felt much more relaxed when entering Pucon from the bigger busy cities. Pucon, a little mountain lake resort area in upper Patagonia in Chile, is basically a town for outdoors enthusiasts. You can hik... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Pucon, Chile – January 31, 2006

Santiago, Vina Del Mar, & Valparaiso
Santiago looks pretty similar to some of the cities in the United States. One unique observation is that they have ice cream stores everywhere (ice cream is a weakness I have)!

<... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Santiago And Surrounds, Chile – January 29, 2006

La Serena, A Chilean Coastal Town
La Serena reminded me of some of the coastal towns in northern California. Cool and misty, overcast in the morning, then clear and sunny in the afternoon. I enjoyed sauntering around slowly in La Sere... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – La Serena, Chile – January 25, 2006

San Pedro De Atacama, A Hot And Sunny Place (finally!)
San Pedro de Atacama is a little border town in Chile. Lots and lots of backpackers here. I loved the weather in San Pedro - dry, hot, sunny with blue skies - just like California in the heart of summ... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – San Pedro De Atacama, Chile – January 23, 2006

Crossing the Salt Flats
Uyuni, a little town right close to the salt flats of Bolivia, was quite warm and quaint. I enjoyed this little town even though I caught a cough-cold (I think it was a mild case of bronchitis, not su... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Salar de Uyuni and Surrounds, Bolivia – January 21, 2006

Potosi, A Silver Mining Town
Potosi, a little silver mining town in Bolivia, is also the highest city of its size in the world in terms of elevation. I found Potosi somewhat depressing. Maybe it was because of the coldness, being... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Potosi, Bolivia – January 16, 2006

Sucre And A Visit To Tarabuco Market
We ended up staying in Sucre for quite a few days. Sucre, the capital of Bolivia, is quite quaint and clean in comparison to La Paz. Quite touristy too. After seeing so many museums and colonial build... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Sucre, Bolivia – January 15, 2006

Border Crossing & La Paz
Border crossing into Bolivia was a lot easier and safer than it was from Ecuador into Peru. We took the bus, which dropped us off first at the Peru migration office and a money exchange place. I chang... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – La Paz, Bolivia – January 9, 2006

Floating Villages
Puno is Puno - a little lakeside town by Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. There's nothing much to do in Puno except wander around, and try a few snacks here and there. The ... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Puno and Lake Titicaca, Peru – January 7, 2006

Mission Accomplished, Really
Unbelievable terrain.

Unbelievable spiritual path.

In the mist, upon finishing the long trek, an astounding view of Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu (the tall peak behind Machu ... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Machu Picchu, Peru – January 5, 2006

The Journey
The next morning, after a deep and soundful sleep, I was the first of my group to wake up at dawn. I think it must have been af... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Inca Trail, Peru – January 4, 2006

Begin A Journey
To our group of six including me, our guide prepped us for the Inca Trail at a hostal we were all staying at in Cusco. He kept on re-emphasizing that this would be a s... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Inca Trail, Peru – January 3, 2006

If you're ever in Ollantaytambo, I highly recommend visiting the ruins there - even if you're going on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. If you are under 25 years and have a student ID card, y... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Ollantaytambo, Peru – December 30, 2005

My First Taste of Cuy
The towns just keep on getting more beautiful and more historic, the more Rick and I travel in Peru. Despite the touristiness of the city, Cusco is stunning. (Travelers come to Cusco solely as a jump ... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Cusco, Peru – December 29, 2005

A Not So Very Peaceful Monastery
Back in Arequipa, Rick and I had a full day to rest before heading off to Cusco. We welcomed the rest. After we were both done resting, as you can only rest so much, decided to go visit the LP South A... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Arequipa, Peru – December 27, 2005

Unbelievable Sites at Unbelievable Altitudes
Spent Christmas Eve in Arequipa, a beautiful colonial town close to the famed deepest canyon in the world, Colca Canyon. I enjoyed Arequipa even more than Lima. The city has got some of a long ago and... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Colca Canyon and Surrounds, Peru – December 26, 2005

Poor Man's Galapagos, Pisco Sour, Sandboarding, The Nasca Lines, And Pre-Incan Mummies
From Lima, for several days before Christmas Eve, we traveled through the cities of Pisco, Ica, Huacachina, and Nasca.

In Pisco, we took a boat trip in the morning to Isla Ballestas, otherwise know... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Pisco And Surroundings, Peru – December 23, 2005

I really enjoyed Lima. Before coming here, I heard all sorts of stories, such as how dangerous it is and that you can't walk anywhere without getting mugged, and that there will be street childre... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Lima, Peru – December 20, 2005

By The Sea In Mancora
We landed at a Peruvian beach resort town named Mancora as our first stop in Peru. Mancora is a laid-back, cute little seaside town, littered with surfers. The town consist... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Mancora, Peru – December 18, 2005

Border Crossing From Ecuador Into Peru
Crossing the Ecuadorian-Peruvian border was an interesting experience. Rick and I went with a guide and several other foreigners to do this. After being dropped off at the Ecuadorian-Peruvian border b... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Ecuador-Peru Border Crossing, Peru – December 14, 2005

Ecuadorian Baths & Colonial Towns
We took the three hours bus ride from Quito to Banos. Banos, meaning "Baths" in Spanish, is a quaint little town right smack in a valley surrounded by both dry, bro... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Banos, Ecuador – December 13, 2005

Outside Quito, Into The Country
We visited a few spots today outside Quito. Felt very much like the countryside and farmlands, as these small towns seem to be more peaceful and laid-back. Fresher air too - Quito buses bust out lots ... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Quito Surrounds, Ecuador – December 9, 2005

jp = japanese, sp = spanish, ch = chinese, fr = french

Ariga..gracias = Than(jp)..Thank you(sp)

Si, duo sao?..cuanto cuesta? = Yes(sp), how much(ch)?..How much?(sp)

El lago, namae? = The lake... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Quito, Ecuador – December 9, 2005

More Quito Highlights
Taking the cable car up Telerifiqo, around 13,177 feet or so, you can get a view of all of Quito from north to south (you won't need to walk around a hill to see sections of Quito, like you do on... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Quito, Ecuador – December 8, 2005

Colorful Quito
Quito turned out to be a town sitting on top of a plateau/mountain, and then sprawling into valleys. Buildings are quite colorful and some of them reminded me of parts of Los Angeles and San Miguel to... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Quito, Ecuador – December 7, 2005

Made It To Quito, Somewhat
So Rick and I made it to Quito via a red-eye flight on American Airlines (from the west coast with a stopover in Miami). Our backpacks didn't - guess we will really be minimalist backpacking now,... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Quito, Ecuador – December 5, 2005

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