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Argentine Republic
Argentine Republic

Full of Life
Buenos Aires is one awesome city! Situated next to a mouth of a muddy-brown river that opens to the ocean, B.A. not only has a fabulous nightlife but is a shopper's paradise. Where else can you b... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Buenos Aires, Argentina – February 10, 2006

Bariloche, A Touristy Mountain-Lake Town
Arrived in Bariloche, expecting it to be even better than San Martin de Los Andes. Bariloche, another Swiss-like mountain and lake resort town, was nice but I really didn't feel that it was bette... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Bariloche, Argentina – February 5, 2006

Feels Like Home
Crossed the border from Chile into another small mountain lake resort area in upper Patagonia, Argentina. San Martin de Los Andes is a bit bigger than Pucon, and felt a whole lot more like home. The t... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina – February 2, 2006

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