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Republic of Bolivia
Republic of Bolivia

Crossing the Salt Flats
Uyuni, a little town right close to the salt flats of Bolivia, was quite warm and quaint. I enjoyed this little town even though I caught a cough-cold (I think it was a mild case of bronchitis, not su... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Salar de Uyuni and Surrounds, Bolivia – January 21, 2006

Potosi, A Silver Mining Town
Potosi, a little silver mining town in Bolivia, is also the highest city of its size in the world in terms of elevation. I found Potosi somewhat depressing. Maybe it was because of the coldness, being... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Potosi, Bolivia – January 16, 2006

Sucre And A Visit To Tarabuco Market
We ended up staying in Sucre for quite a few days. Sucre, the capital of Bolivia, is quite quaint and clean in comparison to La Paz. Quite touristy too. After seeing so many museums and colonial build... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Sucre, Bolivia – January 15, 2006

Border Crossing & La Paz
Border crossing into Bolivia was a lot easier and safer than it was from Ecuador into Peru. We took the bus, which dropped us off first at the Peru migration office and a money exchange place. I chang... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – La Paz, Bolivia – January 9, 2006

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