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Federative Republic of Brazil
Federative Republic of Brazil

A Few Tips In Traveling South America
- Internet cafes exist in every city/town I've been to in South America and are relatively cheap. This was a change, coming from the Far East/East Asia, where I found that they were hard to find.... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – General Tips, Brazil – March 1, 2006

Rio De Janeiro, A Beautiful, Diverse City
One thing I love about Brazil, and you can really see it in Rio de Janeiro, is the diversity of the people. You see people of all colors, ethnicities, and backgrounds here, and they all seem to get al... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – February 27, 2006

Winging It In Rio De Janeiro During Carnaval
Rick and I had one more day in Rio de Janeiro without any reservations of any kind before heading back home to take care of our taxes (yay). The main reason for staying a day later is that I wanted to... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – February 27, 2006

Getting Away From It All
If you really want to get away from it all, namely the big cities, then Ilha Grande is the place to go. Ilha Grande, an island off the southeastern coast of Brazil, is an hour and a half ferry ride pl... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Ilha Grande, Brazil – February 24, 2006

Parati in two words: LOVE IT.

I would love to stay here for a very long while. Can't get enough of this beach paradise. But Rick and I are planning to head to Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval in a ... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Parati, Brazil – February 20, 2006

Sao Paulo
I've always wanted to see what Saõ Paulo was like. I'm glad I got to stop by and walk around the city center for a bit before continuing onto Parati.

Rick and I came into S... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Sao Paulo, Brazil – February 19, 2006

Foz Do Iguacu, Beautiful Falls But Too Many Tourist Traps Here
Crossed into Brazil from Salto, Uruguay and landed into the town of Foz do Iguaçu. Mainly here to see Iguassu Falls from both the Argentinean side and the Brazilian side.

Entering the... more
Posted by SUEP in South America – Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil – February 18, 2006

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