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Republic of India
Republic of India

A Few Closing Notes On Traveling In Rajasthan, India
So far, it seems like many of the "backpacker" types of things we'd do in most countries, we have not done here in India. Hiring a driver is one prime example. Another is eating at a ho... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – General Tips, India – July 4, 2006

In Agra To See The Marble Wonder
At this point of the trip, both Rick and I were exhausted in terms of seeing any more forts, palaces, and monuments. The entrance fees for foreigners are quite high for the many forts, palaces, and mo... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Agra, India – July 3, 2006

Fatehpur Sikri, A Ghost Fort And Palace
I enjoyed greatly the palace-fort at Fatehpur Sikri. Designed by Persian emperor, Akbar the Great, he believed in the harmony of all religions, cultures, and peoples. He had representative symbols and... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Fatehpur Sikri, India – July 2, 2006

Entering The Golden Triangle Via Jaipur, The Pink City
Known as the Pink City and fortified by pink walls, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. The maharajah of Jaipur had the town painted pink (though it's actually more of a terracotta color) to welc... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Jaipur, India – July 1, 2006

Udaipur, City Of Lakes
Udaipur is considered as the most romantic town in Rajasthan. Known as the City of Lakes, the town seems to be a very touristed area, even though I hardly saw any tourists around. Quite a few Internet... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Udaipur, India – June 28, 2006

Pushkar, A Hindu Pilgrimage Town
We passed through the Muslim pilgrimage town of Ajmer on the way to the Hindu pilgrimage town of Pushkar. The Brahma Temple is located here, where many Hindus come to visit. Pushkar is also known for ... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Pushkar, India – June 28, 2006

Jodhpur, The Blue City
Okay, now it's melting/dying hot. Close to 50 degrees Celsius in the desert town, Jodhpur is known as the Blue City. Originally the Brahmins (upper caste) painted their houses blue, a holy color.... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Jodhpur, India – June 26, 2006

Ranakpur, A Change Of Scenery
On the way to Ranakpur, where the famous Jain temples are located, the scenery changed from desert landscape to forest. Definitely a breather away from the highest temperatures I've ever experien... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Ranakpur, India – June 26, 2006

The Golden City
Reached, I think, one of the hottest places on earth. Jaisalmer was 47 degrees Celsius (close to 117 degrees Farenheit!!) when we drove in. A pure and true desert town and also on the caravan trade ro... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Jaisalmer, India – June 25, 2006

Getting Hot Over Here In Bikaner
The next town, Bikaner, turned out to be much bigger and chaotic. Being closer to the Thar Desert makes it a whole lot hotter and drier (40+ degrees Celsius) than Delhi and Mandawa. Bikaner is the hom... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Bikaner, India – June 23, 2006

A Bit Of Culture Shock
Okay, I must admit that I'm glad to have gone the driver route. Especially since this is the hottest time of the year and also the lowest season for tourism. The heat can dehydrate one really fas... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Delhi, India – June 22, 2006

Mandawa, A City Of Havelis (Living Art Quarters)
We entered the small desert town of Mandawa to see intricately detailed and designed havelis. Havelis are old homes that are pretty much living art museums. A guide showed us some of the open havelis ... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Mandawa, India – June 22, 2006

Gosh, preparing for a trip to India took a bit of research and planning (seriously, it seems like every other page in LP India has some text on warnings and how to avoid certain scams). After talking ... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Delhi, India – June 21, 2006

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