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Kingdom of Cambodia
Kingdom of Cambodia

Floating Village On Lake Tonle Sap
Like the floating villages of Uros on Lake Titicaca in Peru, Cambodia also has their own version on Lake Tonle Sap. The difference is that the village consists of houses and buildings made of wood and... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Lake Tonle Sap, Cambodia – May 12, 2006

Angkor Wat
Flew into and overnighted in Siem Reap for a few days to visit the breathtaking Angkor Wat. Why would anyone want to destroy this architectural masterpiece (which the Khmer Rouge tried to do)???

&l... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Siem Reap, Cambodia – May 11, 2006

Black and White: Color
Phnom Penh can have a mindful effect on you. I feel that it’s a privilege to be able to travel around Cambodia nowadays. Just a little over 30 years ago, Cambodia was in a tragic state of terr... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Phnom Penh, Cambodia – May 8, 2006

Crossing Into Cambodia And Changing Currency
If you plan to change all your dong currency into American dollars or Cambodian riels (as Cambodia uses both types of currencies) at the border, make sure you count it all. If you're in a rush, c... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Vietnam-Cambodia Border Crossing, Cambodia – May 7, 2006

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