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Kingdom of Thailand
Kingdom of Thailand

Soaking in Thai Mineral Waters
From Krabi, took a 7-hour local bus ride to Ranong, the hot springs center and rainiest area in Thailand. Foreigners come here mainly to do a visa run over to Kawthoung in Myanmar, in order to extend ... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Ranong, Thailand – June 20, 2006

Along the Andaman and Gulf of Thailand Coasts
Originally wanted to overland it all the way down to Indonesia from Bangkok. But that didn't happen. Rick wanted to rest after Tibet and before heading over to India. Also both of us somehow cont... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Coasts of Thailand, Thailand – June 19, 2006

Boom Boom Bangkok
Bangkok is one city that always seems to have a big celebration going on. The first time here, it was during Songkran or the Thai New Year. Songkran was marked by water (sometimes mixed in with talc) ... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Bangkok, Thailand – June 3, 2006

Took a long minivan ride to Chiang Khong, a little town which borders Lao People's Democratic Republic. The town is quite small and surrounded by lush greenery and lots of mosquitoes. Chiang Khon... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Chiang Khong, Thailand – April 19, 2006

An Elephant Ride Thru Hilltribe Territory
Chiang Mai is a town especially known for Thailand's ethnic minority groups. Most of these ethnic groups originated from Tibet awhile back.

Before I got there, I imagined Chiang Mai to be som... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Chiang Mai, Thailand – April 18, 2006

Bustling Bangkok
If you've seen the opening scene from the movie, The Beach, then you've probabl... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Bangkok, Thailand – April 14, 2006

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