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Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Ho Chih Minh City (aka Saigon)
Ho Chih Minh City is quite a contrast to Hanoi. Being a much bigger city with a much bigger population (6 million registered, but really around 11-12 million – which is almost the population s... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Ho Chih Minh City, Vietnam – May 6, 2006

Taking A Breather In Hoi An
Hoi An offers a much slower pace of life in Viet Nam. Less traffic and noise, not too much city, close to beaches, basically, a more peaceful setting. Am Unesco World Heritage site, Hoi An is also ver... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Hoi An, Vietnam – May 5, 2006

The more I travel in Viet Nam, the more it feels like I'm seeing China for the fifth time. There's an incredible amount of Chinese influence in the country, from the architecture to art to c... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Hue, Vietnam – May 1, 2006

Annoying Hanoi
Landed in a city that's almost completely opposite of the towns we've just passed through. LP SE Asia was right on about Viet Nam (in general) being a shock to one's senses (though not ... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Hanoi, Vietnam – April 29, 2006

Dreamy Halong Bay
Ahh, Halong Bay. One of the places I've been wanting to visit in Viet Nam after watching Anthony Bourdain's episode on Vietnamese cuisine.

The next morning, we got on a boat for a relaxin... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Halong Bay, Vietnam – April 27, 2006

Good Morning Viet Nam!
Said goodbyes to the Lao Loum village and bussed across the border into Viet Nam. Started in the mountains on the Ho Chih Minh trail, which changed to little towns and rice paddy fields and farmland. ... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Laos-Vietnam Border Crossing, Vietnam – April 26, 2006

Nutty Ninh Binh
Overnighted in Ninh Binh before an excursion to Halong Bay. On the way, noticed the scenery changing from endless fields of green rice paddies to more endless fields of green rice paddies but with sli... more
Posted by SUEP in Asia – Ninh Binh, Vietnam – April 26, 2006

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